History Books of the Scottish Kings

A List of biographies from David I to James VII


This is a list of the biographies in book form available for readers of Scottish history for the the Kings and Queens of Scotland. No biographies were found for any monarch prior to David I (1124-1153) although there is a plentiful supply of general reading from the earliest times to the middle ages.

The Stewart kings are well served by biographers and a wonderful series of books called ‘The Stewart Dynasty in Scotland’ provides a wealth of reading from Robert II until James V.

From James VI the kings of Scotland are also Kings of England, and the focus shifts south. A new biography of James VII & II has recently been published and it notable for it’s focus on James as a Scottish king, rather than the troubled and truncated reign he had in England. This study therefore will cease with James VII.

This bibliography joins a similar project for the French kings. Both grew from a survey of the biographies comprising the English Monarchs Series.

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